Xbox Series S - Microsoft reveals the price and design of the next-generation console

9th September 2020

Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence and price of the Xbox Series S gaming console. It is a more affordable sibling of the previously introduced new generation Xbox Series X console.

According to Microsoft, the Series S is the smallest Xbox console it has ever introduced. The company did not publish any broader details on the social network Twitter, but did not keep the price to itself.

The Xbox Series S will go on sale for 299 euros ($ 299). The more powerful Series X model is expected to be 200 euros more expensive. Both consoles should be available on the market as early as November 10, 2020 .

Photo: Xbox / Twitter

We still have to wait for the official confirmation of the performance and capabilities of the new console. Unofficial sources assume that the cheaper version of the console will get the same processor as the Xbox Series X, but the manufacturer will reduce operating memory and graphics performance.

This means that instead of playing 4K games, players will have to put up with 1080p picture quality. However, the lower price is good and the console can suffice for less demanding users.

But we'd better wait for more details, which the manufacturer will probably publish soon.