Samsung Q70T QLED TV 2020 Review - Reasonable quality for reasonable money

6th September 2020

If you've found during quarantine that the latest movies, series or games on your TV don't look the way they deserve, you've come to the right place. For the last two weeks, we have been testing the new Samsung QLED Q70T in the editorial office, a new model for 2020 that falls into the "reasonable" price category - from € 1, 000 to € 1, 500.

Samsung Q70T QLED: About the review

In the newsroom, we tested the QEE55Q75TATXXH model with a 55-inch diagonal updated to the latest version at the time of the review (May 2020). During the review, he was connected to the network via a Wi-Fi connection. Price 55-inch model Q70T at the time of reviews is around 1, 349 € .

At the same time, it should be added that although the Q70T is called similar to last year's Q70R, it is not a direct successor. Samsung has moved the entire portfolio one notch this year, making the Q70T a direct successor to the Q60R. The Q70R replaces the Q80T. Take this fact into account when comparing last year's models in terms of equipment and price.

Samsung Q70T QLED TV 2020

Samsung Q70T QLED: Design

In addition to the quality of the display panel, Samsung cares about one thing, and that is design. The TVs in this year's series are similar to last year's, but that's good. They offer a minimalist design, slim frames and easy folding.

Of course, you can choose to hang the TV on the wall or place it on a cabinet. Packaged stand, so-called The "T-type" is easy to mount on the TV, four supplied screws and, best of all, an assistant will suffice. This is a relatively difficult piece of technology, although it does not look like it.

For more expensive models, Samsung moves the electronics to a separate OneConnect device, which connects to the TV with a cable, in which case all the electronics are directly on the TV, so it is heavier - up to 16.7 kg .

The screen is surrounded by ultra-thin frames.
Samsung Q70T QLED TV 2020

The weight is especially evident when you just place the TV on a table. It should be quite wide and you should not perform many "maneuvers" around it. The stand is quite firm and the TV does not roll forward, but it fluctuates from side to side even with slight suppression. In case you would like to hang the TV on the wall, you can reach for the holder with the  VESA standard 200 × 200 . However, be sure to handle this weight, which may vary at higher diagonals.

However, Samsung did not lie with the ultra-thin frame around the panel. When you turn it on, you really feel like you're just looking at the picture. You will not notice any disturbing elements. The fact that it is only 6.1 cm at its thickest point can also help the overall impression from the TV in your apartment or house.

Inputs and outputs are almost unchanged since last year. You will find them on the back facing to the side. You have a choice of 4x HDMI, 2x USB, 1x Digital Optical Audio Out and 1x input for antenna / tuner (DVB-T2CS2 x2).

What has changed, however, is the way the TV is controlled without a remote control, ie. directly on the device. Older models have 5 buttons under the Samsung logo, which replaced only one this year. You control the TV with a combination of long and fast presses, which is, in fact, more on the sharpener than the benefit.

Samsung Q70T QLED: Image quality

The Samsung Q70T has traditionally offered a fantastic contrast ratio of around 7, 150: 1. Unfortunately, it lacks one important function - direct backlighting , which is only available with the Q80T, resp. for last year's Q70R (do you remember the warning at the beginning about changing the nomenclature?). It is precisely this difference in comparison with last year's model that may be confusing, resp. so that Samsung is taking away from the features. The Samsung Q70T offers an Edge LED backlight (from the sides).

Thanks to the high contrast ratio, the colors are really vivid, especially compared to older TVs. Add to that an adaptive brightness that responds to the surrounding lighting and you get an experience suitable for almost any environment. The Q70T can shine up to 500 cd / m2 , which is playfully enough, especially if you don't have a TV in front of a window on a sunny day. If this happens, however, HDR content, which will be more similar to non-HDR content, will suffer from the quality.

A closer look at the pixels on the Samsung Q70T.

However, I was quite sorry for the lack of support for the Dolby Vision standard , which is used by Netflix or Amazon, for example. Only Dolby Atmos via TrueHD and 5.1 Dolby Digital via ARC are supported from the Dolby workshop.

A huge attraction of more expensive models is the anti-reflective layer , which prevents you from seeing the reflection of a window, lamp or anything in the image that may disturb you when watching. Even though the Q70T does not have an anti-reflective layer (it only starts with the Q90T), the TV handled the reflections better than I expected. Samsung has obviously done something that makes the TV better able to withstand direct glare than older models. However, it is still not at the same level as the model with the mentioned anti-reflective layer .

The Samsung Q70T has a Quantum 4K processor with artificial intelligence, thanks to which it is able to offer fantastic upscaling. It is a technology thanks to which content in lower resolution (eg 480p or 720p, which we know from Slovak TVs or DVDs), is displayed on a larger screen in better quality than without the use of upscaling. While observing, I did not notice any artifacts or other inaccuracies. Samsung uses upscaling at 480p, 720p and 1080p .

What lags behind in the Q70T are the viewing angles , which are really bad due to the use of the VA panel . Therefore, it is not suitable for households where a large number of people watch the TV or for cases where you will watch the TV from an angle most of the time due to the layout of the apartment or house.

Samsung Q70T QLED: Game mode and response speed

One area that the Q70T has been sewn into directly is playing. Thanks to the 120 Hz panel (at 1080p and 1440p) and low response time of up to 10 ms , even at 4K 60 FPS , the Q70T is a suitable candidate for gamers, whether console or PC games on a TV.

The TV has a built-in game mode that turns on automatically and improves all parameters, especially the response so that the picture is as well prepared as possible for fast games, such as shooting games. In other words, playing a game at 60 Hz and playing a game at 120 Hz on the display panel is a huge difference , which makes all the difference, especially in FPS games.

The Q70T is supposed to handle 4K at 120 Hz , but I couldn't "start" this. It is more than possible that an HDMI 2.1 source, which I did not have, will be needed to achieve such a combination.

Overall, however, playing on the PS4 Pro was an experience I didn't expect, especially in the evening, when the TV was not affected by any ambient lighting. In case you would like to play games from your PC, I have another good news for you. The Q70T has built-in support for FreeSync , which turns on automatically when a source that also supports it is detected. Such a source can be a PC or Xbox .

Samsung Q70T QLED: Sound quality

The big difference between the Q70T and Q80T is the sound quality it offers. While the Q70T offers 20 W of power from two channels, the Q80T has up to 60 W of power at 2.2.2 channels. As a result, this means that you can not wait for almost any depth, resp. booming sounds . The TV lacks a woofer, so I recommend lovers of better sound to reach for the sound bar .

In my case, however, I got used to the sound quality in practically a few days, and until then I used a TV with a soundbar. As for the maximum volume, sounding the average living room is not a problem, with larger spaces can be a problem.

An interesting feature is the automatic noise detection , during which the TV itself raises the volume. Samsung describes the use of the function when you are watching a news program in the evening, for example, and someone who is vacuuming enters your room.

The TV identifies the noise and automatically raises the volume so that the noise source exceeds it.

Samsung Q70T QLED: Smart Features

The TV is powered by the Tizen operating system in the 2020 version, which is one of my favorites. It's simple, it's practical and most importantly it's fast . All important functions are available either directly on the controller (access to Netflix, Amazon, Rakuten TV) or very quickly via a clear menu .

But what I don't like are the ads that can't be turned off. I am not saying that this is a problem in Slovakia, but in the future it may. Ad support cannot be turned off.

Samsung is a leader in the field of smartphones and this has been reflected in the capabilities of the TV. In the options, you will find, for example, the option to transfer the image from the phone to the TV or, conversely, the option to transfer TV content directly to the phone . Of course, since it's a Smart TV, the ability to stream YouTube video, for example, will appear on your phone even if your TV doesn't have a Chromecast.

Samsung Q70T QLED TV 2020

Slovak customers have several local TV applications at their disposal, such as Lepšia. TV, SledovanieTV, Kuki TV, Skylink Live TV, and others . However, there are also proven classics such as Netflix, HBO GO and even Apple TV , where you can watch new and ever-increasing films and series from Apple productions, or you can rent or buy a film that is not yet available as part of a subscription.

I also have a small tip for those who encounter a problem when Netflix is ​​unable to "boot up" and throws an NW-2-4 bug or similar at startup. The solution is simple and can help many.

  • Go to settings.
  • Generally.
  • Network.
  • The state of the network.
  • Nast.IP (If the test starts, cancel it and select IP Setup.
  • Select Set.DNS and Enter manually.
  • Select DNS Server and enter and confirm with OK.
  • Netflix should work for you again.

It's a small beauty flaw probably caused by the operator, but it's still good to know how to fix it.

You can also feel the intelligent equipment on the controller, which has the option of running Bixby, Alexa or Google Assistant, or the ability to wirelessly transfer content from Apple devices via Apple AirPlay 2.

However, the ecosystem that Samsung has been building for a long time is becoming more and more impressive, but it was not until 2018 that it was embodied in the SmartThings label. It is a collection of devices that can communicate with each other. As an example, I will mention our household, where we have telephones, a dryer, a washing machine, a television and currently a tested robotic vacuum cleaner connected via SmartThings (but more on that later).

Through the TV (or smartphone), I can easily check what the individual devices are doing, at what stage they are and even control some of them, such as the mentioned vacuum cleaner. I believe that the ecosystem will gradually grow and with it the possibilities of control, resp. interactions with individual appliances.

Finally, I will mention the Ambient + function, which I did not use so often, but when it ran, it always pleased me. In this mode, the TV is like a moving photo frame that the Q70T will serve as a belt. Instead of a black rectangle, you can have an impressive screen on the wall showing some of the most beautiful photos from around the world.

Samsung Q70T QLED TV 2020

Samsung Q70 QLED: Verdict

As I mentioned at the outset, this is not a TV that replaces last year's Q70R. It is the successor to the Q60R and this has been reflected in its technological equipment. You will lose direct backlighting and more powerful speakers, which many of us are replacing with incomparably better soundbars.

If you use the TV to watch TV, Netflix, or another service from time to time, you will not make a mistake with the Q70T. Nor will you make a mistake if you play console games on the TV for which it was created . Add to that a really rich offer of smart functions, intuitive operation and support that can be envied by almost all manufacturers and you have a complete solution for all living rooms .

However, with the Q70T, it is clear that the technology in 2020 also offers better solutions, which are, however, guaranteed a significantly higher price. So it is up to everyone which parameters are important to him. For me, a person who is constantly looking at smaller or larger displays, the Q70T was a very pleasant surprise and proof of how fast and far away the TVs are constantly moving.


Samsung Q70T QLED is a TV that will playfully meet all the expectations of almost every household. Its image is gorgeous, has smart features "behind the bag" and offers perhaps the most complete package of equipment in this price range. Can it be saved? As with everything, this model is possible. Just reach for last year's Q60R. Is there anything better to buy? Of course, but you pay a lot more. The Q70T is sitting somewhere in the middle. It has an almost perfect ratio of functions to please film lovers and players, which will please especially in the time of the extraordinary situation in which Slovakia has found itself in the last few months.