Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus Review

8th September 2020

After a long wait, we finally had it. Personally, I was really looking forward to the Galaxy Note10 + because I had the honor of using two of its predecessors - Note8 and Note9. So I was curious about this progress, because even though 3 years is only a short time, in the world of technology, a lot can change in such a short time. Let's do this.

The beautiful Aura Glow version visited us, which won the hearts of most technology lovers, which is also confirmed by the pre-order numbers (60%). However, the design of Note10 + this year is different than last year for Note9 (which in turn was almost identical to Note8). The construction is narrower and more angular, which does not matter at all, because the handling is very comfortable and at first glance the sharp corners do not prevent comfortable use at all.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

The whole body consists of glass and aluminum and is processed really precisely. However, the back of Aura Glow is really a different chapter. Anyone who has had the opportunity to see her live knows that she really needs to be given a few seconds of attention, because it is really worth it. On the other hand, it is very slippery , so it is necessary to be careful not to place the phone on anything from which it could slip and be damaged by falling to the ground. Yes, for these cases you can buy a cover, but hide such a beautiful design? This is also a question I have been struggling with since the beginning of my coexistence with the  Galaxy Note10 + .

The change also affected the layout of the cameras, which this time are not placed horizontally, as we are used to with Samsung, but vertically in the upper left corner. The impractically placed fingerprint sensor has also disappeared, which can no longer be found just below the cameras, but directly in the display, just like the Galaxy S10. However, I will get to the cameras and sensor in more detail in a separate chapter.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Another change is the Bixby button , or rather its complete disappearance. There is an on / off button instead. I probably noticed this unconventional location first and asked myself if it was a good idea to switch such an important button from the usual right edge to the left. However, I can tell you that after a few minutes of testing the Galaxy Note10 +, I got used to this location by trying to turn on the Bixby button on my still used Note9. Only after a few attempts did I realize what was really going on.

However, Samsung only turned his attention to the hardware button, not the assistant himself. You activate this by holding down the main button . Of course, it is possible to set it according to your preferences. However, you can also find the command to turn off the phone in the top bar by swiping your finger down.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

I noticed the impracticality of placing the button only in case I needed to take a screenshot . The main button is located immediately below the volume control buttons. The average user will probably use his index finger and middle finger to take a screenshot , but for a user with small hands like me, it's a completely impossible operation. I had to hold the phone with my other hand, which is not very practical. However, this is only a small problem that can certainly exist. I really have no other reservations about the location of the button. In addition - for these screenshot cases there is S Pen , but I will return to it in a separate chapter, because it deserves it.

Many of you have probably noticed or read that Note10 + comes this time without a 3.5 mm jack . Future owners will either have to rely on the USB-C headphones included in the box or reach for a wireless alternative .

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: A display that will engulf you

The first time you turn on the display, you will be immediately amazed by its size. The dynamic AMOLED display in this case reaches up to 6.8-inch diagonal , but even so, the Note10 + body does not differ significantly in size from its predecessor, the Galaxy Note9 (162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm). Samsung did this thanks to a significant reduction in frames , which allowed the display to really reach from edge to edge . Literally. During the first minutes of dating, I managed to activate the sidebar several times by mistake, which offers quick access to My applications or contacts. He earned the name Cinematic Infinity Display from Samsung for his desktop.

The dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O display also boasts a resolution of 3, 040 x 1, 440 , ie Quad HD + , which contains up to 498 pixels on an area of ​​one inch . It is not for nothing that he has earned the HDR10 + certification, it is truly a feast for the eyes. The visual experience will be not only the consumption of multimedia content, but also creative creation, which I will also get to in my own chapter.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

But what does a "dynamic" AMOLED display mean? This word represents dynamic tone mapping , which together with   HDR10 + technology brings the possibility to see scenes with a wider color range . Thanks to them, the display can also optimize the brightness depending on the individual scenes, so that it can show you even the finest details . The maximum brightness value has climbed to 1200 rivets , which is really impressive.

It can also deliver really extremely high color accuracy , at the level of 0.4 JNDC , as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. JNDC , just Noticeable Color Difference, is a standard that represents the difference between real color and the color in the display . The lower the value, the more faithful the colors. So a value of 0.4 probably speaks for itself. Samsung simply knows this with displays.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: Ultrasonic fingerprint reader

This type of sensor appeared  for the first time in the Note series . As I mentioned in the introduction, I personally look forward to this progress, because I did not use the hardware sensors located near the cameras at all from a practical point of view (small hands). However, I liked this progress immediately.

The sensor is really very fast and really reliable thanks to the creation of a 3D image of a fingerprint. The Galaxy Note10 + has a protective film glued to the display from the factory, which, however, does not bother the sensor at all. Bubbles formed under the foil during the rigorous testing, so she had to go away. However, I did not notice the better functionality of the sensor, it worked as fast and reliably as before.

However, if the same fate catches your film, you may want to look around for a different display protection solution. It is necessary to keep in mind that not every protective film is compatible with the relatively new ultrasonic technology, or it can significantly limit its functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: Performance that will take your breath away

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 + designed for the European market is powered by a powerful Exynos 9825 processor, which is manufactured using a 7 nm manufacturing process. It consists of 8 cores with a clock speed of 2.7 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 1.9 GHz. The processor also includes a Mali G76 graphics chip, which ensures the smooth running of all games and other applications that require powerful graphics.

However, if you want to see performance in numbers, let's look at the results of benchmark applications. I have traditionally bothered the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + by launching Geekbench , which measured the value of 4513 points in the single-core test and 9915 points in the  multi-core test.

He followed in the second test app AnTuTu , which measured the total score 344 186 . However, it looked more detailed: CPU - 98, 384 points, GPU - 156, 333 points, UX: 71, 604 points and MEM - 17, 865 points .

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Of course, the 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme test, which focuses on the performance of the graphics themselves, must not be missing. Here, Note10 + scored 4, 847 points (OpenGL ES 3.1).

So, as you can see, there is really no shortage of performance here and it really fits with anything you can think of. However, to make the use of Note 10+ even faster and more convenient, Samsung used the so-called Boot Up Booster , which works on the principle of artificial intelligence. It works by noting which applications you use most often and  storing them directly in RAM . Their restart thus takes place immediately and without delay. Thanks to its 12 GB of RAM, Note10 + can remember up to 12 most frequently used applications and  update them daily .

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

It is based on artificial intelligence and another great enhancer, which will be used especially by mobile game enthusiasts . Its name is Game Booster and it can improve your gaming preferences by researching, analyzing and then improving your game performance level and power consumption. So all you have to do is turn on your favorite game, click on the Game Booster icon in the navigation bar and then just watch what it can do. You can monitor your device's temperature, power and memory consumption, or even block incoming calls and notifications so that you are not disturbed by a full gaming experience.

It is also necessary to mention the internal memory. We missed the model with a really sufficient 256 GB capacity. However, if you are the type that does not have enough capacity, you can reach for a 512 GB model or a memory card. The hybrid DualSIM slot allows you to expand the memory by up to 1 TB .

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: A battery you can rely on

However, such a large and powerful phone must also run a proper battery. That's why Samsung has equipped the Note10 + with a relatively large, 4, 300 mAh battery capacity that you won't easily discharge. I have experience with phones that only reported about 10% of the battery to me in the afternoon, and we still know that then it goes hard and we can slowly start counting down the last minutes.

With Note10 +, however, this unpleasant situation did not happen to me. Like any ordinary person, I charge my phone overnight and unplug it in the morning. In this case, however, it usually happened to me that when I connected the charger every night, the battery still reported about 30% of the remaining capacity. And I used the device really a lot - camera, games, social networks, some videos…

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Over the weekend, there was even a situation where I did not pay much attention to the phone and the battery capacity remained at a very high level for a long time. So I tested how long it would take to use it from time to time to discharge to zero, and I could start testing the chargers. I got in for two days. Two ALL DAYS with occasional use.

The package includes a 25W super-fast charger that will prepare your device for full use again in a few minutes. Immediately after removing it from the box, you will notice the change with which I personally had my very first experience. It has a cable with  USB-C on both sides . However, another alternative is also another alternative, a 45 W charger (also 2x USB-C), which you will have to buy if you are interested. But is it worth it? You can see a comparison of their speeds in the table below.

Time 45 W charger 25 W charger
10 minutes 30% 23%
20 minutes 52% 44%
30 minutes 71% 59%
40 minutes 87% 73%
50 minutes 94% 88%
60 minutes 98% 95%
Total time 1 hour 2 minutes 1 hour 8 minutes

Both chargers had the same conditions for their work. The phone has been discharged to 0% so that it switches itself off. Throughout the test, from 0% to 100%, Note10 + was turned off and therefore not used at all to avoid deviations. Since 25 W and 45 W are quite a big difference, I expected the same difference in charging time. However, he did not show up. Quite a significant difference occurred only in the first 30 minutes . In the end, the 45 W charger is especially suitable if you urgently need a phone and  you have little time to charge . You must decide for yourself whether the purchase will be advantageous for you.

It is also worth mentioning the function that found its way to the Note device for the first time . Is it wireless sharing power with which you can just tap and recharge your Watch Galaxy, Galaxy Buds and other smart accessories with support for standard Qi . Thanks to the Wireless PowerShare function, you can also lend a helping hand to someone who does not have such great battery life and provide them with their Note as a wireless   power bank . However, if the charging device does not have this standard, you can use a double-sided USB-C cable again .

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: Cameras that capture every detail

Yes Yes. Cameras are really a separate chapter because it's an area where Samsung is like a fish in water (it's not the only one, of course). The new layout of the cameras hides the main lens (12 Mpx, f / 1.5 & 2.4), the ultra wide angle lens (123 °, 16 Mpx, f / 2.2), which I personally was looking forward to, the telephoto lens (12 Mpx, f / 2.1) and the DepthVision  lens.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Along with the improved camera, there are also a number of functions that will not disappoint even the greatest creatives . Although Note10 + contains functions that we had the opportunity to see in the previously introduced Galaxy S10, they are implemented in the Note series for the first time .

The Zoom-In Mic, for example, is also a great innovation. When shooting a video and zooming it, the volume of the zoomed object also increases in direct proportion. Note10 + is equipped with three microphones that allow this recording.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

I personally noticed a big change in the quality of photos taken in Dynamic Focus mode. The colors are more natural, much more accurate, and focus faster than in previous generations, with whom I had to undergo ritual dances to focus on exactly what I needed to try to create the most perfect shot possible. The effect was ready in one second, but not in another. And like this over and over again. In Dynamic Focus mode, you'll also find more effects than just a classic blurred background.

However, the effects are not only for photography, but you can also use them in video. You can use Blur, Big Circle, Color Point, or Glitch effects in your video. So if you're a content enthusiast and enjoy shooting videos, you're sure to enjoy the new effects. But that's not all.

Samsung has thought that we live in an age of social networking and mobile photography, and that people are increasingly enjoying creating content that engages, and in particular - that is increasingly sought after. In Note10 +, you will find, in addition to reworked photos and effects, for example, the Super Steady mode, which captures fast-moving objects sharply, or the Video Editor , thanks to which the person who is still thinking about a new hobby will become a content creator. The editor is very simple and intuitive. You can cut, merge, add different transitions, music, speed up or slow down videos, text, or artwork in a variety of ways.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

If you move in the creation of videos, you can also use a higher level in the form of Adobe Rush , which is specially adapted for Samsung. You can expect better collaboration with the S pen , support for DeX or an exclusive 20% discount that will reduce your annual subscription from $ 9.99 to $ 7.99 .

A very nice and fun creative insert is also represented by the AR Doodle function. In video mode, you can easily create space or face drawings with the S Pen. You can then look at the drawing from different sides while moving the camera or face, which looks really impressive. However, we will show you a demonstration of this function and the S Pen only in the upcoming video review .

However, we must not forget the front camera . It has received a new location - directly into the display in the middle of the upper part. It has a 10 Mpx resolution and an aperture of f / 2.2 . Despite its location, it doesn't look distracting and thanks to creative wallpapers adapted specifically for the Galaxy Note10 +, you won't even notice it.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: With a Pen with which you can do much more

This most important part, which makes Note Note, has also undergone a change. With Pen, he went through a smaller redesign from the outside and a larger one from the inside. It works stronger and better in the hand, and several new functions have been added inside.

You can use them, for example, in camera or video mode. With Pen, he got new gestures that you can use in camera and video mode. You can change modes , switch the front or rear camera, zoom back and forth, or use it again as a remote shutter release .

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

If you have a head full of ideas and limited time, the Galaxy Note10 + is just for you. If you come up with something and need to write it down right away, S Pen and its new feature are here for you. His remark can be entered manually via the S Pen and then use a convert er that your beauty / scrawl is convert ed to digital text . Just open Samsung Notes , select the S Pen and write whatever you can think of. Then just click the Convert to Text icon and you're done. Of course, this feature also works if you're writing notes on the lock screen . The text will be saved in your notes and the same procedure will follow. You can then further convert your text to Microsoft Word and further edit or share it there.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: Samsung DeX that simplifies your work

The Galaxy Note10 + again expands the capabilities of the Samsung DeX function, making it easier to work between the phone and the computer. If you have a USB-C connector on your laptop, you can easily connect your smartphone to it. If not, you will have to look after the reduction , because you will only find a reduction from USB-A to USB-C in the package.

Thanks to this simple connection, use rs can move files between devices or use their mobile applications directly on the computer screen and control them via mo use and keyboard. However, during this process, you can continue to use your phone regardless of the computer to which it is connected.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +: Verdict

If you're wondering if it's worth switching to the new Note10 +, my answer is - yes. It is literally packed with new features and possibilities, so if you are a fan of the latest technologies and a creative soul in one, you will definitely not be disappointed.

With Samsung devices, we are used to top quality, so the overall processing did not surprise me, which of course I do not mean absolutely wrong, but so that the expected was fulfilled. Working on Note 10+ is simple, smooth and comfortable. That's why I'm really looking forward to living with him again.

When you add a top design to which you will not be able to get bored, you will get a phone that will attract not only the attention of you, but also the others around you. So if you are looking for a device from the highest rungs and you will also find use for a stylus, you should definitely place the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + at the top of the rankings.