Samsung Galaxy A80 Review

8th September 2020

The world of smartphones is a very inhospitable environment. Large manufacturers had to get used to having young, ambitious companies, mostly from China, breathing down their necks, willing to sacrifice everything, sometimes even profit, for success. The head of Samsung's mobile division, DJ Koh, therefore told fans of the middle-class devices (Galaxy A) that their devices would be closer to the flagships in the future, which he actually adhered to.

Just take a look at the Samsung Galaxy A80, a smartphone introduced a few months ago in Milan, Italy. Not only does it have a display without a cutout or front camera hole, it also offers decent performance, generous storage and RAM, but also an interesting technology that Samsung has used for the first time - a rotating camera. There are several advantages. You can take ordinary photos with a triple camera, but also selfie photos. The same camera just slides out, rotates, and is ready to capture all the moments that are important to you.

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80: Design and display

Samsung has really added the most important thing to the Galaxy A80 package, namely the phone itself, a quick charger (up to 25 W ) and  USB C headphones. The phone, whose main target group is young people, therefore offers everything you could want from it in its package, not even an extra gram.

The phone itself is the cleanest device from Samsung's workshop in terms of front design. This is because the display does not affect any cutouts or openings that would literally cut from the display area. Even such a small detail can have a big effect, which I was convinced as soon as I turned on the phone for the first time. He looked at Me with a 6.7-inch Full HD + (2, 400 x 1, 080 pixels) Super AMOLED display in its purest form.

It is a  very bright and above-average color panel , which is a pleasure to look not only in the interior, but also in direct sunlight.

The large display, metal construction, Gorilla Glass 6 and the mechanism of the rotating camera, however, unfortunately, also affected the total weight of the device, which stopped at a value of 220 grams . However, the scale is evenly distributed over the device, which makes it a phone that, despite its dimensions, can be worked relatively comfortably.

The Galaxy A80 has thin frames around the entire perimeter of the display (except for a slightly wider frame below the display), which Samsung has managed not only by removing the front camera, but also by removing the speaker for calls. The A80 spreads the sound by vibrating the entire display .

The A80 is definitely a device that is not suitable for one-handed use . The good news, therefore, is that there is a fingerprint sensor directly in the display, but it is not one of the fastest. It takes approximately 1-2 seconds to unlock.

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80: System and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy A80 belongs to the upper middle class, which was also reflected in the hardware equipment. The A80 thus offers 8 GB of RAM (as well as the Galaxy S10), 12 8 GB of storage and a Snapdragon 730 processor made by an 8 nm process with 2.2 GHz cores. There is no need to worry about performance in any case.

However, if that was not enough for you, Samsung decided to implement the latest AI algorithms in the A80, which ensure the smooth running of the entire system. In practice, the phone literally learns your habits , thanks to which the system remains agile and responsive . The One UI version 1.1 user interface offers far too many options in places, but it's nothing that can't be done in one afternoon.

If you are used to the interface from Samsung, you will have no problem. The overall feel of One UI is very similar to that offered by the Galaxy S10 flagship series.

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80: Three swivel eyes

The hunt for the most beautiful design and the best selfie shots has driven manufacturers to various solutions. Some have introduced devices with a display on the back for you to see when taking a selfie, while others have come up with a more radical design, such as a rotating camera.

The whole rotating system is very fast, accurate and never disappoints. When rotated, the camera system is raised slightly to protrude above the display, the flap on the back is activated, and then the sensors themselves rotate toward the front. All this takes place in 1 to 1.5 seconds .

The rear and sometimes the front camera is a very strong player in the smartphone world on paper. Samsung has chosen a new 48 Mpx sensor from Sony , which is accompanied by an 8 Mpx ultra-wide sensor for capturing landscapes or family celebrations.

What I'm sorry about and what I really missed about the A80 is the zoom lens , which I got used to when the first smartphones with dual cameras came out. With the A80, such a sensor would really make a living.

Instead o f z o o ming, Samsung decided t o reach f o r a T o F sens o r , thanks t o which the A80 " sees in space ". T ime o f T he F light sens o r can map the depth o f the image, all o wing it t o apply the b o keh effect m o re accurately. T here are als o o ther functi o ns that can be f o und o n the flagship Galaxy S10 m o del. I'll menti o n, f o r example, Super Steady vide o , which takes vide o stabilizati o n t o a wh o le new level.

Finally, you will find recognition of up to 30 scenes in the camera application, which should improve the overall quality of the images. I underline a little , because on the A80 it is, unfortunately, not quite so for some reason. I'm not saying that the photos are downright bad, but it's clear that they don't catch on flag models.

The same goes for selfie shots. On paper, the A80 has the best selfie camera among well-known manufacturers, but the reality is different. There is still a chance that it will improve over time with further updates, but currently the camera is not at the same level as premium models. I understand Samsung in part, but on the other hand, I probably expected more from a smartphone so focused on cameras.

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80: Battery

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has a 3, 700 mAh battery that offers 25 W fast charging. This is faster than what the Galaxy S10 device offers. Charging is really fast, which is perfect for situations where you realize you have to be in a meeting or at school within an hour.

From my personal experience, the battery life is a little better than the one I've seen with the Galaxy S10 + since spring. This is mainly due to the Full HD + panel, a modern chipset and an economical chipset. However, it is still the so-called a one-day device , which means that you have to charge every day, otherwise your phone will switch off the next day around noon.

The Galaxy A80 is missing a notification diode, which means you have to rely on Always on Display . So this is another function that is a burden on the battery . It's not a problem in one day, but trying to achieve two days of endurance can be a problem.

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80: Verdict

Despite its shortcomings, I feel very good about the Galaxy A80. It represents a new, exciting direction in which Samsung will hopefully continue in the future. Samsung is well aware of the need to do something new and different. Chinese manufacturers step on his heels, who month after month represent better, bigger and more powerful phones. The standard formula thus no longer applies to the production of smartphones in 2019.

The Galaxy A80 is a great device that won't just fit in anyone's hands. If Samsung brought their own New Infinity design into a more compact body with the same rotating camera system in the future, it would have a real winner.

The biggest competition for the Galaxy A80 , which currently costs € 629 , is the Honor 20 Pro with significantly better cameras ( € 549 ) or the OnePlus 7 Pro ( € 699 ). Thus, competition in the premium middle class segment is not easy at all. But I am convinced that Samsung will take all necessary steps to bring significant changes next year, which will make the A80 an unbeatable offer at a given price level.

Bold design and interesting execution have huge potential for Samsung, we can only believe that Samsung will build on that.