Samsung Q70T QLED TV 2020 Review - Reasonable quality for reasonable money

If you've found during quarantine that the latest movies, series or games on your TV don't look the way they deserve, you've come to the right place. For the last two weeks, we have been testing the new Samsung QLED Q70T in the editorial office, a new model for 2020 that falls into the "reasonable" price category - from € 1, 000 to € 1, 500.

Sony KD-55A8 Review - an ultra-connected OLED television with very advanced image processing

New evolution in the world of Sony OLED screens with the A8 range designed to make this technology as accessible as possible. The Sony spirit does not change with a powerful processor offering powerful image processing. The sleek style is always in order for the OLED to be magnified in your living room by standing out in every way from a more classic LCD screen.