Viewsonic XG2405 Review - gaming monitor with a fast IPS panel

In this test report or monitor review, we take a closer look at the XG2405 from the manufacturer Viewsonic.

LC-M24-FHD-144-C-V2 review - 144Hz curved monitor with excellent price-performance

In the current monitor test, we take a look at the newly released LC-M24-FHD-144-C-V2 from LC-Power and Silent Power Electronics GmbH. The LC-M24-FHD-144-C-V2 is currently available in retail for around 180 euros and is therefore in the lower to mid-range price range.

ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC Review - 165 Hertz with QHD resolution

With the ViewSonic ELITE XG270QC, Viewsonic is continuing the very successful Elite Gaming XG270 series and finally in the form of a curved gaming monitor. The previous versions scored points with their distinctive and futuristic design, RGB lighting and high performance.

LC-M29-UW-UXGA-100-C review - UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor

The recently released LC-M29-UW-UXGA-100-C from LC-Power combines everything that a solid gaming monitor has with a 21: 9 ultrawide curved display and a 1200R curvature.

Iiyama G-MASTER G2530HSU-B1 Black Hawk Review - Best Low-Budget Gaming Monitor?

Due to the rather low purchase price, the G-MASTER G2530HSU-B1 can definitely be counted in the lower to mid-range price segment among gaming monitors. - But how well can popular 75Hz gaming monitors from Iiyama do in our test?

Samsung U28E590D Review - the best monitor for 4K beginners

With the U28E590D, Samsung brought a relatively inexpensive 4K monitor onto the market. But can you expect a solid 4K / UHD monitor at such a low price?

What is HDCP and what is HDCP 2.2 all about?

The resolutions of digital video playback are increasing steadily. While Full HD has now established itself across the board, Ultra HD (4K) is becoming more and more important with a further quadrupling of the number of pixels compared to Full HD.

What is G-Sync? - This is how Nvidia G-Sync works in detail

For a smooth, high-quality image display, as is expected in the gaming environment, perfect interaction between graphics card and monitor is required. It is essential to avoid disturbing effects such asscreen tearing, jerking or longer reaction speeds.

Response time on the monitor - what should be considered?

Typical PC monitors differ in countless details - and that includes the speed of reaction. In this article we will clarify what this term exactly means and whether it should even play a role for you.

What is Flicker-Free? - This is how you prevent annoying flickering on the monitor

Flickering or flickering monitors were a common phenomenon in the days of tube screens. This was mainly due to the cathode ray technology and the low frame rate of these devices.

What is anti-aliasing? - Reliable improvement in image quality?

Even in times of Ultra HD and ever smaller pixels on the display, anti-aliasing still plays a central role when it comes to improving the picture quality in games.

HDR technologies at a glance - HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG and Dolby Vision

Display technologies are constantly evolving and a few years ago the manufacturers of monitors and especially TV sets started integrating High Dynamic Range - HDR for short - into their screens.